If You Have A Tendon On Your Wrist That Pops Out, This Is The Reason Why

Mar 20, 2016

There are certain subjects we aren't supposed to discuss at dinner parties for fear of sparking a heated argument. Politics, religion, and "Coke vs. Pepsi" are just a few examples of topics that can send the most mild-manned person into a fit of passion. These are big topics, and there's no way a single dinner conversation could ever unpack all the complex theories and mysteries associated with them. It might go without saying, but it's an absolute necessity to remain mature and civil when discussing such delicate matters. After all, we'll never make any progress if we storm off and ignore what our peers have to say, dismissing their opinions as false before they ever open their mouths.

Which brings us to evolution. An undeniably hot topic, evolution has made the news due to controversies surrounding whether or not it should be taught in schools. The very nature of evolution conflicts with some people's religious beliefs, while others view the scientific evidence as undeniable proof. No matter what your personal beliefs are, it's no secret that the human body is breathtaking, and a recent video from Vox wants to show us just that.

The four-minute-long video gives viewers a crash course in "vestigial structures." Vestigial structures are the parts of your body that are shaped like vests. Don't worry, I'm joking. They're actually structures in your body that no longer serve a purpose, but bear a remarkable resemblance to structures in other creatures that do serve a purpose. Are these structures evidence that we evolved from a long line of ancestors who required different body parts than us, or are they simply a coincidence? That's for you to decide.

H/T: Vox

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